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Catch is commited to delivering results and ensuring piece of mind. We're minds and makers with a business sense and are creative in our way of doing. We have the experience and go that extra mile to satisfy our customers in all areas of our services.

Catch Whipstock
Open and Cased Hole Fishing

Through years of experience, intensive training and quality leadership our personnel have become downhole experts. We have knowledge of the latest tools and techniques for both open and cases hole operations.

Fishing with the Itco-Type Releasing Spear

The Itco-Type releasing spear is specifically designed to engage casing, tubing or any other obstructions. It is build to withstand heavy jarring and pulling strains. The spear engages the fish over a large area to minimize the damage done to the fish/junk. The Itco-type releasing spear assures positive engagement and provides a dependable, inexpensive and simple way to engage fish internally. If needed the spear has an easy release from the fish or re-engage when the spear has been released.

Benefits of the Itco-type Releasing Spear:

Build to withstand heavy jarring
Minimized damage to fish
Easy release or re-engagement with fish

Casing Cutting
Rapid cuts in severe torque conditions

We have developed a special Catch Fishing Pipe Cutter for our casing cutting activities. The tool has an extremely rugged construction and aggressive Tungsten dressing enabling rapid cuts . The three arm design and rugged construction permits it to operate efficiently in severe torque conditions, often encountered when parting multiple strings of casing. The Pipe Cutter is also equipped with a Flo-Tel device. This device tells the operator that the cut has been made.


Catch Fishing Services carries a large inventory of standard mills that covers almost every conceivable milling requirement. Our range includes Junk, Taper, String Taper, Pilot, Skirted, Cement and Viper Mills.

Viper Casing Mills

- Mill has blades of 45 cms. Length and welded up to tool joint connection for strength.
- Dressed with viper inserts.
- Blade / lower stabilizer o.d. dressed with technodur for longer milling intervals without wear.
- High Milling ROP rates. Mud properties and surface equipment set up.

Viper Cutting Technology

Our Viper tungsten carbide inserts have proven highly successful in our mills and we “dress” our shoes with these inserts. This type of performance saves rig time and enhances the performance of the job. Use these inserts on packer milling tools, casing mills, whipstock mills and section mills.

Packer & Milling Retrieving

Our Viper tungsten carbide inserts have proven highly successful in our mills and we “dress” our shoes with these inserts. This type of performance saves rig time and enhances the performance of the job. Use these inserts on packer milling tools, casing mills, whipstock mills and section mills.

Section Milling

The removal of a section of Casing prior to side-tracking is now a simpler, faster and more reliable process. Catch Fishing Services Section Mill utilises the latest advanced Milling Technology, as well as allowing the highest pump rates in the industry. Under normal downhole conditions these two features will allow high casing removal rates. With the high flow rates achievable using our tool coupled with a good mud system, we can reliably lift cuttings to surface. Years of success in Milling sections of various sizes and lengths in hole angles up to 70 degrees has shown Catch Fishing Services capabilities.

Catch Design advantages

- More cutting surface with 4 blades providing longer life of mill
- Stronger body due to increased area between knives.
- Tolerances tightened reducing chatter and wear to tool.

Whipstock Sidetracking

Catch Fishing Services offer a true one trip whipstock system with permanent packer or anchors, which can be set either hydraulically or mechanically. We have set whipstocks in all types of well designs from 5-3/4” thru 9-5/8. The unique design of the Catch window mills / hook up protects the shear mechanism from premature shearing and the geometrical design you the opportunity to request a rathole as short as 3 feet with the confidence you have a full gage window.

Catch design advantages

Packer Type

Proven designs that have been utilized through out the world the packer is available from 7” to 9-5/8” sizes and is a permanent type. Standard packer is 5,000 / 10,000 PSI differential rated with a temperature rating of 200 degrees C. The unique system allows for low setting pressure with high input forces into slips and seal. Incorporates a fail safe system which allows a section of the packer to be recovered if the hinge pin on the Whipstock fails to shear.

Mechanical Type

The bottom trip anchor is equipped with single grip slip assemblies for either permanent or retrievable applications.

Hinge Connector

The hinge connector was designed with a pre-machined tolerance to allow for selective shearing should the whipstock anchor fail to release, the upper section of the hinge has a machined fish neck for engagement with a standard overshot. The hinge is equipped with an offset which allows the whip to “flex” relevant to the packer / anchor when running in highly deviated sections, damaged casing or restrictions and also allows the anchor to rotate to the low side of the hole. When the anchor is set this offset straightens itself pushing the whip tip against the wall of the casing.

The whipface

The whipfaces are available in varying whip angels from 2° to 3°. The whip can be run hinged (normal position) or fixed (stiff) depending on the application. A recovery slot is machined into the face for recovery with a hook or external recover with a die collar.

Custom Made Tools

We are a creative bunch of folks and are able to design and create custom tools that are tailored to your specific needs. Give us a call to describe your request and we are certain it will result in a tool, that will do just that what you requested!

Drilling Equipment Rental

We have partnered with trusted companies in the industry that supply drilling equipment. This way we are able to offer you a complete service. Just send us your request and we will make sure to come back with a quote!